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Don’t worry world! We always support watching documentaries legally and many of the films we recommend on Influence Film Club are available where you live too. We suggest using your preferred method for watching a film – such as searching iTunes, Amazon, Netflix, VOD platforms (video-on-demand), or renting/buying a DVD.

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Exit Through The Gift Shop

EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP follows an eccentric shop-keeper turned amateur filmmaker as he attempts to capture the world’s most famous street artists, only to have the camera turned back on him by the artist called Banksy. The results are wildly unexpected.

Director: Banksy
Year: 2010
Time: 87 min

 Exit Through the Gift Shop
(2010) on IMDb

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Ways to Influence

Share the film: encourage others to watch the film and discuss the questions raised.

Watch street artist and TED Prize winner JR’s TED talk about his project Inside Out.

Write  to your local government officials (city, county, or state) and tell them what you think about the street art movement. Share your opinion about what stance your city should take on whether or not street art should be allowed.

Research the broad range of street art being made today. Mr. Brainwash, Banksy, and their cohorts are just a handful of the people participating in this movement. The diversity of street art being created is impressive. A good place to start your research is StreetArtUtopia.

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“Banksy, the pseudonymous British street artist, has built his reputation on stunts — like inserting his own work among the masters’ in museums — that taunted the market in which his pieces sold for millions. But with his latest project, the documentary “Exit Through the Gift Shop,” he is laboring to convince audiences that he’s playing it straight.”

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Thierry Guetta, the Oscar-nominated documentary’s subject, says it’s 100% real, but questions persist.

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Banksy Clip

Watch this exclusive clip from Banksy’s EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP, in which the mysterious artist makes an appearance.

Mr. Brainwash Exclusive Interview

55tv speaks with Mr. Brainwash before the opening of his new exhibition at The Old Sorting Office in London. His rapid rise to fame has caused much debate and speculation about his work. He discusses how he feels about this rapid rise, about his relationship to Banksy, and his opinions of the art world at the moment.

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Shepard Fairey Talks about Banksy

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25 Things You Didn’t Know About the Histories of Street Art and Graffiti

Ever noticed how many identical twins are involved in these movements? Or realize that the famous Wall Street Bull was an uncommissioned work of street art, installed by the sculptor himself?

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Banksy Tried to Sell His Art Anonymously to People in Central Park

Would you stop and buy what you thought was a Bansky print on the streets of NYC? What if it were an original?

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STREET ART and Its Function Within the Urban Landscape

Who do the streets belong to? Where does art belong?

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