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GASLAND is a dramatic and literally explosive story about the highly controversial practice of hydro fracking, a drilling method of natural gas extraction which major corporations believe to be a potential new source of cheap energy.

Director: Josh Fox
Year: 2010
Time: 107 min

(2010) on IMDb

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Ways to Influence

Share this film. Give others the chance to learn and be affected by its story.  Consider organizing a screening of GASLAND in your community, then have a post-screening conversation about fracking and other environmental concerns facing your community.

Ask local environmental advocates or elected officials if fracking is coming to a shale deposit near you, and if so, make your opinion known and your voice heard.

Target decision makers in your community who you can influence.

Build public support by sending an email, starting a website, or posting on Facebook. You can also reach out to the traditional media outlets by writing letters to the editors of publications you follow.

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Gasland Part II

In this follow-up to his Oscar-nominated film GASLAND, filmmaker Josh Fox takes a deeper, broader look at the dangers of hydraulic fracturing, a controversial method of extracting natural gas and oil, now occurring in 32 countries worldwide.

GASLAND PART II, which premiered at the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival, shows how the stakes have been raised on all sides in one of the most important environmental issues facing our world today.

Groundtruthing the Academy Award Nominee GASLAND

GASLAND’s 2011 Oscar nomination stirred up so much controversy that a few journalists set out to find the real, unbiased truth.

The New York Times called it Groundtruthing.

Insiders Sound an Alarm Amid a Natural Gas Rush

Read what people on the inside are saying.

Gasland Ignites Oscar Controversy

This TIME article delves into the controversies around the film, GASLAND. It’s no surprise that the natural gas industry released a critique of the film, to which Mr. Fox released the document Affirming Gasland.

But the real battle began when GASLAND was nominated for an Oscar in 2011.

Read more here.

NPR: “Sparks Fly Over ‘Gasland’ Drilling Documentary”

Listen to the story.


Six films addressing the environmental issues of our time.

Josh Fox on Real Time with Bill Maher

GASLAND director Josh Fox was invited to enter the fracking debate with Patrick Kennedy of One Mind for Research, journalist Jonathan Alter, political strategist, and historian Niall Ferguson.

Watch it on HBO.

GASLAND’s Anti-Fracking Campaign

From sharing to speaking out, these steps can help you get involved.

Director Josh Fox speaks to the New York Times

Director Josh Fox reveals how GASLAND came about. He also affirms the validity of this film, despite the fact that the natural gas industry launched a campaign to debunk the film.

Read Muckraking and Road Movie on Natural Gas Drilling on the New York Times.

The Economic Benefits of Investing in Clean Energy

Supporters of fracking often cite job creation as one benefit. But according to this article, job creation in energy efficiency is 2.5 to 4 times larger than that for oil and natural gas. Building retrofits and mass transit are two areas which would create jobs AND improve energy efficiency.

Likewise, renewable energy could create 3 times more jobs than oil and gas industries.

Go here to read this forward-thinking report.

Are Fracking Wastewater Wells Poisoning the Ground Beneath Our Feet?

A report by Scientific American that looks at both the short-term and long-term risks of fracking.

Regulation Lax as Gas Wells’ Tainted Water Hits Rivers

The American landscape is dotted with hundreds of thousands of new wells and drilling rigs, as the country scrambles to tap into this century’s gold rush – for natural gas.

Josh Fox: Anti-Fracking Protests Could Stop Drilling in the UK

The anti-fracking movement could potentially stop drilling in the UK, according to Fox who cited protests in the US that have brought fracking developments to a standstill.

Josh Fox told the Guardian that anti-fracking campaigns in the UK could turn the tide on developments, but said it was incumbent on protesters to also campaign for renewable alternatives.


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