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March of the Penguins

MARCH OF THE PENGUINS documents the emperor penguins annual journey taking them hundreds of miles across the brutal Antarctic landscape through the harshest weather conditions on earth – risking starvation and attack by dangerous predators in the quest for love and life.

Director: Luc Jacquet
Year: 2005
Time: 80 min

 March of the Penguins
(2005) on IMDb

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Share this film. Give others the chance to enjoy this beautiful doc and learn from its story.

Visit Defenders of Wildlife. They offer a wealth of resources on penguins and how you can become involved in helping their survival, as easily as signing up for their newsletter or adopting a penguin.

Learn more about The Climate Reality Project, an international grassroots organization actively working to positively affect climate change, which has a direct impact on the lives of emperor penguins.

Write a list of 3 goals that you want to achieve but think you aren’t capable of. Pick one of these things and put your mind to it – whether you succeed or fail, you will have tried courageously.

Ensure that the Endangered Species Act is maintained in order to put the focus on those species that require the most protection. The National Wildlife Federation provides extensive information and materials.

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The Emperor’s Close-Up

French director and biologist Luc Jacquet, 36, spent 13 months capturing the Geological Headland Archipelago colony of emperor penguins as they waddled hundreds of miles to hatch and rear the next generation. Jacquet’s crew endured minus 104°F temps, midnight blizzards, and frigid waters but they also had a few magical encounters while capturing the penguins’ tenacious will to survive.

Here, Jacquet reveals the secrets behind his first feature film.

What is Happening to the Penguins?

“Of all the penguins in the world, two kinds need to live in the areas of Antarctica where ice forms on the ocean: the small Adélie Penguin (4 kg or 10 pounds) and the large Emperor Penguin (25kg or 50 pounds). The lives of these penguins are being altered by changing climate.”

A walkthrough of the environmental needs of the Antarctic penguins and the threat climate change presents. Read the full article here.

Morgan Freeman Interview

Watch the interview here.


A set of films that explores the six academic styles of cinematic non-fiction.

The Top 10 Essential Animal Documentaries

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Index of Types of Penguins

There are typically 17 different species of penguin recognised as living in the world today. Each species belongs to a larger grouping of closely related species known as a genus.

Educate yourself on these species on  Penguin World.

The Many Forms of Monogamy in the Animal Kingdom

Read trhe article on the NSF.

Shrinking Waves May Save Antarctic Sea Ice

“It’s a nagging thorn in the side of climatologists: Even though the world is warming, the average area of the sea ice around Antarctica is increasing. Climate models haven’t explained this seeming contradiction to anyone’s satisfaction—and climate change deniers tout that failure early and often. But a new paper suggests a possible explanation:”

Read the full article here.

Surviving Subzero Cold

“Antarctica, as you might expect, gets pretty darn cold: Temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit are often recorded during the winter. For the creatures who live there, this extreme cold demands innovative survival strategies that enable the loss of as little heat as possible. Scientists recently discovered that Emperor Penguins—one of Antarctica’s most celebrated species—employ a particularly unusual technique for surviving the daily chill.”

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