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The September Issue

Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour and her team of editors set out to create the most important issue of the year. THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE is a highly entertaining documentary that takes you into the lives of those who rule the fashion world.

Director: R.J. Cutler
Year: 2009
Time: 70 min

 The September Issue
(2009) on IMDb

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Share this film. Give others the chance to get behind the scenes of the fashion industry.

Choose substance over style. Remember that magazine images are highly produced, touched up, and act as superficial covers to many dark realities. Cultivate a beauty that is real and powerful.

Learn more about Wintour, Coddington, Bowles, and others from THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE on Voguepedia.

Seek out clothes that are sweatshop free. Sweat Free Shop offers a comprehensive guide.

Choose quality over quantity. Fashion can be sustainable when choosing locally sourced, cruelty free garments that last a long time—rather than constantly buying cheap mass-produced items.

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Vogue, a Queen and Good Films

“I like to joke that I was able to convince [Anna] to do this film by making her think that it was her idea, but the truth is that focusing on the September issue as a structure was indeed her suggestion.”

— Director R.J. Cutler in an interview with IndieWire


It’s exactly what it sounds like — an encyclopedia of all things Vogue. Drawing from 119 years of archives, you can search by designer, brand, model or personality.

Modern Day Slavery in the Fashion Industry

“The difference between slavery and extremely exploitative labour can be vague, and the fashion industry walks a fine line,” reports The Fashion Globe Magazine.

Lunch with Grace

Financial Times journalist, Vanessa Friedman, met Grace Coddington at her regular lunch spot. Grace has her own table in this restaurant. She didn’t need a menu, just ordered a burger and fries.

What did they talk about? What question did Grace refuse to answer?

Find out here.


“If you’re not gonna go all the way, why go at all?”

The September Issue: Fashion film of the year

US Vogue’s Anna Wintour is a notorious figure in magazines, but does the documentary about her debunk any myths? Or is it an airbrushed portrait?

The Independent Fashion Editor, Susannah Frankel, gives her verdict on THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE.

Amazing Grace Coddington: Inside the World of US Vogue’s Creative Director

As her memoir, Grace: A Memoir, is published, The Guardian goes into the world of Grace Coddington, the woman behind the elegant storytelling at Vogue magazine.

Her sense of style has shaped fashion for decades, and now she talks about race, weight, cats, and how to stand up to Anna Wintour.


“I think that’s the secret to my career: If you give in, you don’t get perfection,” Grace Coddington explains as New York Magazine takes an in-depth look at her artistic touch and lengthy fashion career.

Are Fashion Magazines Endangered?

Mama Mia on how the increase of fashion blogging is affecting the magazine print industry. Are consumer tastes changing?

R.J. Cutler: What I Learned From Anna Wintour

Director R. J. Cutler on what it was like to follow the famed Anna Wintour, plus a few things he learned from her.

Read it in the Huffington Post.


Listen to our playlist with music from the film on Spotify.

Brand Anna

The editor of Vogue has always occupied the most powerful seat in the world of American fashion. But Anna Wintour’s web of influential friends and allies has helped turn her into a global brand that transcends fashion.

The Wall Street Journal explores the evolution of Anna’s power and why no one can succeed in fashion without her blessing.

Former Vogue Editor: The Truth about Size Zero

The fashion industry is not a pretty business. Former editor of Australian Vogue, Kirstie Clements, describes a thin-obsessed culture in which starving models eat tissues and resort to surgery when dieting isn’t enough.

“I was horrified to hear what the industry was covering up,” said Clements.

The Guardian has the story.


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