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The Islands and the Whales

The traditional hunting of seabirds and pilot whales continues to provide food for many living in the North Atlantic Faroe Islands, but the changing world – both on a climate and cultural level – threatens this way of life. THE ISLANDS AND THE WHALES offers a hauntingly beautiful picture of the knock-on effects of globalization from a very local perspective.

Director: Mike Day
Year: 2016
Time: 90 min

 The Islands and the Whales
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Share this film. Give others the chance to learn from its story.

Play your part in reducing mercury emissions, which end up in our oceans and have overwhelmingly harmful knock-on effects for us all. Here are some recommendations from the EPA that you can put in effect.

Watch THE GRIND: WHALING IN THE FAROE ISLANDS, a short documentary offering footage of the Faroese whale hunt, with both pro and anti-whalers. Even more food for thought.

Protect our birds. With seabird populations under threat across the globe, there is no better time to get involved in helping protect those remaining from plummeting into extinction. Most countries have bird protection organizations: Audubon (U.S.), RSPB (U.K.), BirdLife (global), to name a few.

Educate yourself on the Faroe Islands and Faroese culture. Information equals powerful humility.

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