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The Look Of Silence

Through its footage of perpetrators of the 1965 Indonesian genocide in THE ACT OF KILLING, a family of survivors discovers how their son was murdered and the identities of the killers. THE LOOK OF SILENCE serves as a powerful companion piece that initiates and bears witness to the collapse of fifty years of silence.

Director: Joshua Oppenheimer
Year: 2014
Time: 103 min

 The Look of Silence
(2014) on IMDb

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Share this film, and watch THE ACT OF KILLING the film director Oppenheimer made prior to THE LOOK OF SILENCE. His company in Denmark – Final Cut for Real – produces a whole host of compelling documentaries. Find out more!

Sign the petition to help end the silence and create positive change in Indonesia. 

Support the cause of the 1965 Tribunal – an international people’s tribunal on 1965 crimes against humanity in Indonesia – functioning as a formal human rights court demanding justice for the victims. 

Support United to End Genocide, an international organization working to stop genocide in its tracks. 

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Interview With Joshua Oppenheimer

“Through THE ACT OF KILLING you have been able to expose the role of Pemuda Pancasila in the killings. How would you respond to comments that the film could have gone further to expose the role of the military behind the violence? The film explains the role of the military numerous times, certainly enough for a non-specialist audience…”

Continue reading on Inside Indonesia.

Impact In Indonesia

“THE LOOK OF SILENCE made its Indonesian premiere on November 10, 2014 in Indonesia’s largest theater, an event sponsored National Human Rights Commission and the Jakarta Arts Council, both government agencies. Adi appeared unannounced following the screening and received a 10-minute standing ovation.”

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Our interview with Joshua Oppenheimer.

‘Communist’ Still a Dirty Word in Indonesia

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How Do People Forgive a Crime Like Murder?

Find out on BBC.

Daily Life In Indonesia: Celebrate The Vibrant Colors Of This Island Nation

“Welcome to Daily Life! Each week HuffPost World will transport you to one of the corners of the Earth through images that expose the beauty and tragedy of worlds you may have never before seen.”

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Panel Discussion

Panel discussion in the Haus der Berliner Festspiele with director Joshua Oppenheimer and executive producer Werner Herzog.


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Exposing Indonesia’s Cold War Communist Purge

“The wall of silence in Indonesia surrounding one of the worst atrocities of the 20th century is beginning to fall apart. A forthcoming report by Indonesia’s National Commission on Human Rights estimates that a purge of suspected communists during the mid-1960s killed between 600,000 and 1 million people. ”

Want to know more? Listen to the podcast here.

Understanding Genocides

“Although significant, dissenters, both individuals and small groups, re­ceive disproportionate attention compared to an overwhelmingly im­portant but neglected theme: the perpetrators’ communities.”

Read an excerpt fromWorse Than War: Genocide, Eliminationism, and the Ongoing Assault on Humanity’ here.


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