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The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin

THE RISE AND RISE OF BITCOIN follows some of the entrepreneurs that are shaping a new financial frontier, delves into the competitive mining market and the various subcultures within this new financial community and joins brothers Nicholas and Daniel as they journey through the rapidly growing world of cryptocurrency: Bitcoin.

Director: Nicholas Mross
Year: 2014
Time: 96 min

 The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin
(2014) on IMDb

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Read up on this ever-exciting cryptocurrency. We Use Coins is a website dedicated to explaining the practical ins-and-outs of Bitcoin, making it an accessible currency to the average individual. 

Find out which charities Bitcoin100 has supported. Perhaps one of the specific causes appeal to you.

If you deal in Bitcoin, support the crew of THE RISE AND RISE OF BITCOIN in their efforts to tell the currency’s story. Consider giving a donation.

Learn more about becoming a Bitcoin miner at Bitcoin Mining if you are interested in advancing Bitcoin on the world market.

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Filmmakers Interview

“Reason TV correspondent Naomi Brockwell caught up with Dan and his brother, Nicholas Mross, the movie’s director, at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York. They discuss the challenges of making a film about an anonymous, online currency, the personalities behind bitcoin, the identity (or identities) of bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto, and the prospects for bitcoin’s future as money.”

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Is Bitcoin An Investment Or A Cult?

“Bitcoin’s buckets of media attention — way out of proportion to its roughly $6.9 billion in value (assuming there are 12.34 million minted Bitcoins trading at $556 a piece) – leads me to conclude that the force is strong with the argument that it’s a cult.”

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Bitcoin Momentum Grows in Emerging Markets

“… a supportive ecosystem is quickly evolving around the digital currency. Companies -mostly startups – are building exchanges, trading and payment platforms, wallets, and storage and remittance services.

There are now around 65,000 bitcoin transactions a day currently, and 13 million bitcoins are in circulation globally.

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Facebook, Spotify and Ryanair Could Accept Bitcoin

“Payments platform Adyen has integrated with the world’s leading bitcoin payment processor BitPay, opening up the possibility for Facebook, Spotify, Ryanair and thousands of other merchants using Adyen to accept bitcoin. More than 3,500 merchants around the world use Adyen to process transactions…”

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What is Cryptocurrency?

Feeling confused about cryptocurrency? Check out this video from Good Mythical Morning for a simple explanation. 

Should Businesses Accept Bitcoin?

“Bitcoin has strong opportunities for mainstream businesses, but it’s hard to understand from listening to techies explain it.

Here is what a company’s management needs to know about Bitcoin.”

The History of Currency

“’The only permanent thing in this world is change’as one saying goes. Currency is no exception. It went through a lot of changes with different societies contributing to make currency the modern money we know and love.”

HMS takes a look at an interesting timeline of the history of currency from bartering to the credit card. Check it out here. 


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