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TRAPPED follows the struggles of the clinic workers and lawyers who are on the front lines of a battle to keep abortion safe and legal for millions of women across the United States.

Director: Dawn Porter
Year: 2016
Time: 90 mins

(2016) on IMDb

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Donate to the TRAPPED campaign, as the filmmakers work to bring their film to as many communities as possible in order to educate Americans on what is currently very much at risk in their own country.

Spread the word on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The TRAPPED film website offers a number of ready-made tweets and social media entries you can copy and paste. Keep the word alive!

Share the film with your community. Regardless of how liberal abortion laws are in your society, take the time to reflect on how much has been done and how much is left to be done – locally and internationally.

Watch VESSEL, another film addressing the extent women fight in order to receive help in ending an unwanted pregnancy in countries where abortion is illegal.

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