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VESSEL depicts medical doctor and Greenpeace worker Rebecca Gomperts who, horrified by the realities created by anti-abortion laws around the world, provides abortions on a ship in offshore waters. Her project – Women on Waves –  becomes a media frenzy, faced with governmental, religious, and military blockades.

Director: Diana Whitten
Year: 2014
Time: 90 min

(2014) on IMDb

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Share this film. Give others the chance to learn and be inspired by its story.

Be inspired by Women On Waves. Consider donating to the one of these organizations or join the movement by supporting or volunteering an organization on your local level.

Break the taboos, speaking openly about and demystifying the role abortion plays in modern society.

Endorse the International Campaign for Women’s Right to Safe Abortion, in order to strengthen their global mission to unite individual efforts to build a strong, united front for women’s rights.

Help Amnesty International  that campaigns for fair and safe contraceptive rights. Help their cause.

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“Gomperts no longer works from a boat. Eight years ago she started Women on Web, a “telemedicine support service” for women around the world who are seeking medical abortions. She and a small staff share a one-room office in Amsterdam on a residential street, where red-and-pink flowers bloom on the balconies of brick buildings.”

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I have heard that in international waters you can commit endless crimes with no jurisdiction to prosecute you. Is this true?”

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“On the morning of December 11th, Gretchen Whitmer, the charismatic 42-year-old minority leader of the Michigan Senate, stood before her colleagues in the Statehouse in Lansing, and told them something she’d told almost no one before. ‘Over 20 years ago, I was a victim of rape,’ she said. ‘And thank God it didn’t result in a pregnancy…”

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“Forty-one states have enacted abortion restrictions at different stages of pregnancy. The chart below shows at which point after a woman’s last menstrual period that state laws ban abortion. Each bar’s height is proportional to the state’s population.”

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Women Matter More Than Fetuses Do

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