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Spot on Docs: Discover Influence Film Club’s First 100 Documentaries

100 is not just a number. 100 stands for crossing a line. 100 is a mark. And while for some people it means they have to throw the biggest birthday party of their life, for us it is an inspiration.  Keeping this numeric symbol in sight, we’ve happily spent the past year in handpicking our favorite documentaries and creating dedicated film pages around them. We had late nights and lots of coffee, took challenges and feedback, chased our dream through highs and lows in order to bring something innovative and good to you. And here we are on this day in February, humbled and proud, presenting the first 100 documentaries that motivated us throughout the past year and that motivate us to bring you 100 more, because oh, there are so, so many more. We hope they spark your lives as much as they have sparked ours. We hope they bring us together. We hope we will influence you. Because remember, a good documentary is just the beginning…

So our first 100 films (in alphabetical order because we love them all) are:

In a world of sound-bites, documentaries provide an opportunity to think, understand, share, and connect with the world. These 100 films are controversial, divisive, fascinating, unexpected, and surprising. They are thrillers, dramas, comedies, romance, tear-jearkers, and horror films. Documentaries provide the perfect topic for meaningful conversations.

If you want to talk about the things that matter with people that matter then pick a film, invite your friends, and watch & discuss together. It’s as easy as that. Not sure what film to pick? Each month Influence Film Club is going to hand pick one of our favorite docs as our club’s featured film. And if you just can’t get enough with 1 a month, there are 99 more waiting to be discovered! Its time to watch + engage with some of the world’s best documentaries!