Why Not Watch?

Movie Snacks, Vol. 2

One of the most loveable things about movie night? Everybody ends up contributing food. It almost goes without saying. Magic: Poof! Chocolate. Tadaaa! Chips. Be it sweet or savoury, healthy or a sprurge, supermarket bestsellers or baked dreams come true – food brings us together. It’s like glue, just in a tasty, non-toxic way. And we stick to it. We are as devoted to gathering, eating and talking today as humans always have been, with the fine distinction that we now have a multitude of films available that also give us food for thought. With that said there was only one thing for us to do: expand our collection of movie snacks to provide you with some simple ideas for something you can pull out of your hat at the next movie night!

Here are twelve new recipes that will open your hearts and minds for nights of meaningful conversation with the people that matter to you…

Cranberry Coconut Raw Bars, from Not Your Standards
Unforgettable Pecan Bars, from My Life Runs On Food
Fig and Walnut Biscotti, from Martha Stewart
Candied Grapes, from Rachel Schultz
Autumn Brittle, from Adventures In Cooking
Deep Dark Chocolate Cookies, from Picklee


Build-Your-Own-Tartines, from Camille Styles
Gluten Free Nut Crackers from, Green Kitchen Stories
Goat Cheese & Thyme Dip, from Green Kitchen Stories
Crispy Baked Potato Chips with Garlic, Thyme and Parmesan, from Cooking For Keeps
Roasted Rosemary Almonds, from Jennifer Chong
Cauliflower Fritters with Lemony Mayo, from Dinner with Julie
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