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India’s Daughter

INDIA’S DAUGHTER depicts the investigation of the brutal gang rape and murder of a 23-year-old female medical student on a moving bus in Delhi, India, in December 2012.

Director: Leslee Udwin
Year: 2014
Time: 57 min

 India's Daughter
(2014) on IMDb

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Ways to Influence

Share this film. Consider arranging screenings of the film and discussions for groups of your friends and contacts. Contact India’s Daughter’s Outreach Producer Stuti Jalan, she will be happy to advise and facilitate larger screenings at schools and libraries.

Visit the film’s website Indias Daughter where you will find a comprehensive and exciting hub for all those who care about bringing about change for women in India and the world. The website lists several actions the campaign is running and offers opportunities for YOU to get involved and join hands with the India’s Daughter Campaign and its partners.

Encourage healthy relationships between all genders from an early age, erasing the reign of patriarchy.

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How do we stop rape? India looks for answers

“There’s so much outrage this time, and outrage can change things. ”

Twenty personalities —  lawyers, activists, writers, filmmakers — suggest some real solutions of how to stop rape.

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How Life Has Changed for Delhi Rape Victim’s Family

The BBC’s met the family of the 23-year-old Indian student who was fatally gang-raped inside a bus in the capital, Delhi last December to find out how life had changed for them after her death. Find out more here.

Interview Controversy

“What the rapist said is the view of many men in India. Let us not pretend all is well…”

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Police Encourage Women to Report Abuse

“Sabto is one of a small, but growing number of women who are shattering the culture of silence that surrounds crimes such as domestic violence and rape – emboldened by initiatives like self defence classes and community patrols run by Delhi police following the brutal gang rape and murder of a woman a year ago.”

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Forgotten Rapes

The BBC’s Geeta Pandey in Delhi recalls cases which made the headlines, then faded from public memory.

5 Things We Must Teach Young Boys About Rape, Right Now

“We need to end the ambiguity of “ambiguous” scenarios. Every young man should know exactly what rape is.”

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India’s Shame at Rape and Violence Against Women

“India should hang its head in shame over an ongoing rape crisis and dire standards of public sanitation, India’s new prime minister Narendra Modi told the nation in his first Independence Day address. Women in India should be valued more, Modi said, which begins with addressing the country’s disgraceful record on infanticide.”

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BBC Brings Forward Airing of Delhi Rape Documentary

“The BBC brought forward the transmission of a hard-hitting documentary about the gang rape of a young woman in Delhi following the decision by Indian authorities to ban the film.

India’s Daughter had been scheduled for Sunday, International Women’s Day, but it aired on Wednesday night on BBC4.”

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