Why Not Watch?
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Influence Film Club wants more people to watch documentary films and have meaningful conversations about them.

We believe that documentaries is much needed in a world overflowed with information and sound-bites. They provide an opportunity to think, understand, share, and connect with the world on a deeper level.

By watching and discussing docs we create the sparks for influencing the world around us.
We help you find great documentaries and ways for you to extend the conversation and get involved, reminding you that a good documentary is just the beginning…

If you want to talk about the things that matter with people that matter then pick a film, invite your friends, and watch and discuss together. It’s as easy as that. Think book clubs, but for documentaries.

inspiring documentaries

Influence Film Foundation

Provides grant funding to late-stage documentary film projects. Because it’s increasingly difficult to find the resources needed to make great documentaries, we actively participate in unlocking new funding opportunities.

Influence Film Features

Provides investment funding to feature-length documentaries. More than ever before, it’s important to support the production of quality non-fiction media that tells the stories of our time. Through an annual fund, we offer individuals the opportunity to invest in documentary filmmaking.

Influence Film Club

An online platform that engages new and diverse audiences around documentary film by facilitating small film clubs. We provide a well-curated list of films and partner with filmmakers to offer the best resources online, giving people an opportunity to discuss the stories and issues happening in our world.

our team

Cristina Ljungberg




With an MS and an MBA in her pocket, Cristina went from designing medical devices and working in Management Consultancy to producing her first documentary in 2007, the award-winning The Devil Came on Horseback. This experience triggered a great love for documentary film and put in place the pieces of her future. She now runs Influence Film, which consists of a foundation, an investment fund, and an online platform, all of which support the production of documentary film whilst growing new audiences. In addition, Cristina has also been the Chairperson and driving force behind the Giving Wings Foundation since 2010, which focuses on education and healthcare for women and girls, with a specific interest in menstrual hygiene. Originally from Indiana, She currently lives in Stockholm, Sweden.

Victoria Steventon




Having finished her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Victoria decided to apply her fascination for human and social behaviour by making documentary films.  Starting off as a researcher, she became a producer and director some fifteen years ago. Previous credits include The Surrendered Wife  and Murder in the Family. After spending more than a decade traveling to some of the more challenging corners of the world developing film projects, Victoria founded Influence Film in 2011. Influence Film was created in the belief that untold stories, revealed through balanced documentaries, have the power to address pressing social issues and inspire change in human behaviour and attitudes.  In our digital era these films can develop powerful and rapid global reach and interest.  In addition to running Influence Film, Victoria also works with a number of charities, notably Missing People.

Nicole Bood

Managing Director



Nicole has over 15 years of experience working with the arts in both the U.S. and Sweden. She earned a MFA in art history in Atlanta, where she also worked at the High Museum of Art helping to organize and manage fine art exhibitions that traveled nationally and internationally. Deciding to pursue a second master’s degree, this time in curating, she moved to Stockholm, Sweden, where she also managed fine art galleries and continued her work with artists and exhibition making. Eager to get back to her roots in non-profit work and incorporate her love of stories, which was nurtured growing up in the American south with its rich storytelling traditions, she found her way to documentary film and Influence Film. Nicole has also lectured on feminist art and the politics of exhibitions at universities in Atlanta and Stockholm.

Albin Gustafsson

Digital Media and Communications Officer



Albin has a BA in Graphic Design and Communication and a MFA in Culture and Media Production from Linköping University. As a tireless explorer, he is fascinated to learn and to discuss everything from the human psyche to the galactic symphony connecting us all. This led him to be a guide at Norrköping Visualization Centre, covering topics like space, urban planning, medical visualization, and the human brain. He has also lectured on Gender and Artificial Intelligence at Närcon. His life-long interest in film led him to co-create Tänk Om, a podcast posing “what if questions” inspired by films and TV-series. Albin loves to dive into creative art forms, like writing and music creation, because of the therapeutic, life-learning, and connecting qualities they can bring. Drawn to the way documentaries provide meaning and insight and how they keep expanding our world, Albin joined Influence Film Club.

Jordan M. Smith

Content Producer



Having grown up with a movie rental shop next door, Jordan took in as much festival shopped cinema as his small town in western New York could import, developing a deep seeded love of documentaries in the process. Before he began working as a film critic, travelling to festivals the likes of Sundance, Toronto International and Hot Docs in search of the next great work of non-fiction, Jordan spent time working in radio as well as a food cooperative with the aspirations of promoting sustainability and community development. In addition to working as a content producer and film curator for Influence Film Club, as a staff writer for IONCINEMA.com, and as a scribe for Stranger Than Fiction, he also currently works as a public librarian in Buffalo, NY, teaching classes in hopes of helping the public adapt to new technologies.