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Influence Film Club Playlists

Documentary Playlist: In Their Own Hands

In Their Own Hands

In celebration of Character Day, these six films explore the vast spectrum of human character traits.

  1. Notes On Blindness
  2. Hooligan Sparrow
  3. Cameraperson
  4. 13th
  5. The Fear of 13
  6. Sky Ladder

Evolve To Resolve

A set of six films that form a framework of empathy and reconciliation to strive for by example.

  1. The Interrupters
  2. American Revolutionary
  3. Sweet Dreams
  4. Pray the Devil Back to Hell
  5. The Look Of Silence
  6. Bikes vs Cars

Am I a Good Person?

A set of six films exploring the blurry boundary between truth and lies, good intentions and plain deception.

  1. Kumaré
  2. The Armstrong Lie
  3. Stories We Tell
  4. Art And Craft
  5. Salesman
  6. Catfish

The Edge of Madness

The following six films allow us a view of the world detached from logic through the eyes of dreamers and madmen.

  1. Man on Wire
  2. Grizzly Man
  3. Almost There
  4. American Movie
  5. Point and Shoot
  6. The Devil and Daniel Johnston

He Who Devotes Himself

Films that see religion humanized by sacrifice and devotion.

  1. Kumaré
  2. Koran By Heart
  3. Samsara
  4. Manakamana
  5. The Overnighters
  6. Into Great Silence

I Can’t Breathe

A set of films that shine a light on racial injustice and those who stand against it.

  1. The Central Park Five
  2. The Black Power Mixtape
  3. The House I Live In
  4. The Interrupters
  5. American Promise
  6. Fire in Babylon