Why Not Watch?

How it Works


Benefits of Joining


How It Influences


Joining the Influence Film Forum gives you immediate access to:

•   Our entire library of film materials
•   Collections organized by genre,
     theme, and popularity
•   Curated playlists that allow you to
     explore deeper into certain topics
     or filmmakers
•   Ongoing support to set up, join, and
     manage your film clubs
•   Tools and resources to help you 
     engage further with the films
•   Connections to people and projects 
     happening all over the world
•   Interviews with directors,
    producers, and fellow film club
•   Exclusive film extras directly from
     the filmmakers 
•   The unique opportunity to be 
     influenced, and to influence others


We’re curating a library of great documentaries and creating resources and materials to enrich your engagement with the film and with each other.

From exclusive interviews to downloadable discussion guides and a simple messaging system that allows you to communicate with your club members, we want to equip you with everything you need to have meaningful conversations.

Whenever possible, we work directly with filmmakers to ensure that our materials stay true to the heart the films.

Find these free resources on every film page. Just go to Films, click on any film title, and look under Engage Further. 


Documentaries can be enormously powerful in bringing new topics to the table and informing the public in a way that kindles new dialague and, in some cases, larger social movements.


From a Stockholm club member: “It’s so fun connecting with my friends on this level. I love hearing their perspectives and questions about the films.”