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Spot on Producers: Sarah Mosses
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Think book clubs, but for documentaries.

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Documentary film clubs are the heart and soul of Influence Film Club.
We actively support real people having real interactions more often.
Through the power of film, let’s come together and talk about what matters most.


Powering up an inspiring and meaningful conversation isn’t the most straightforward affair. For this reason, we offer a discussion guide to spark thought and dialogue for each and every film we recommend on Influence Film Club. These guides aim to facilitate discussion amongst a small, intimate gathering of friends, family or colleagues. For a better idea of what this looks like, check out the discussion guide for our film of the month here to see this invaluable tool up close.

Documentaries quite often leave us with many questions, and we at Influence Film Club are ever on the hunt for answers. We pack each film page full of links to related articles, resources, reviews, and the film’s official website and social media so that your post-film journey can be as interesting and in-depth as you so desire.

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