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A look inside the life of Buck Brannaman, a man with an almost surreal aptitude for communicating with horses. He overcame tremendous odds to become the real life ‘horse whisperer.’

Director: Cindy Meehl
Year: 2011
Time: 88 min

(2011) on IMDb

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Ways to Influence

Share this film. Give others an opportunity to be inspired and strengthened by Buck’s life.

Learn more about the person and techniques of Buck by watching 7 Clinics with Buck Brannaman, which includes more than 10 hours of cut film footage.

Support victims of child abuse in your community, perhaps by providing a foster home or becoming a mentor to abuse victims.

Be respectful to the animals you interact with. Take the time to learn more about how they live naturally in the wild and what is actually good for them. Use your capacity as a human being to treat other people and animals as humanely as you would like to be treated and try to live in a way that respects their unique nature and needs.

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Want More Buck?

Over 300 hours of footage was taken to make the film, BUCK. Most of the extra footage was compiled into a series called 7 Clinics with Buck Brannaman.

The clinics have been incredibly well received and helpful to people and their horses. It’s common to hear riders say, “It is the best money I have ever spent on my horse!”

Psst… Find a few sneak peaks of 7 Clinics here.

Buck Brannaman joined the BBC Breakfast team to talk about BUCK, the documentary of his life.

Watch it here.

Want to spend at afternoon with Buck?

Watch this video to hear Buck talk about his past, and about the future of horses.


Listen to our playlist with music from the film on Spotify.

Buck reveals what you DIDN’T see in the film.

Read the interview in the Huffington Post.


This playlist is all about family.

Sundance Exclusive Interview with Buck and Director Cindy Meehl

“I didn’t exactly blend in at the Sundance Film Festival,” Buck says at the beginning of the interview.

In this video interview, you will learn more about natural horsemanship (NH), about the film-making process betwen Buck and Cindy Meehl, and why they think this film touches people.

Learning to Speak ‘Horse’

A fascinating essay by Lynda Birke of Chester University.

How to Make a Horse Movie About People

Director Cindy Meehl had never made a movie, but she loved horses and somehow found herself producing the award-winning documentary honoring the legendary ‘horse whisperer’ named Buck. Find out more.

 “Your horse is a mirror to your soul, and sometimes you may not like what you see.”

Buck Brannaman


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