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As a visually radical memoir,  CAMERAPERSON draws on the remarkable footage that filmmaker Kirsten Johnson has shot for other filmmakers and reframes it in ways that illuminate moments and situations that have personally affected her.

Director: Kirsten Johnson
Year: 2016
Time: 103 min

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Share the film and track down all the other films CAMERAPERSON is composed of, such as CITIZENFOUR and PRAY THE DEVIL BACK TO HELL.

Donate to Chicken & Egg Pictures or the Independent Filmmaker Project, both of whom helped fund CAMERAPERSON and many of the documentary projects Kirsten Johnson and other talented filmmakers have worked on.

Become a thoughtful cameraperson. Head out into the world with camera in hand, an ethical state of mind, and mindfulness of aesthetics. Bear witness to whatever happenings you encounter.

Visit Documentary.org for a variety of resources dealing with the ethical complexities of documentary filmmaking.


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