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PINA is a visually stunning documentary featuring the ensemble at Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch. The film pays tribute to and reflects upon the unique and inspiring life and art of the great German choreographer, Pina Bausch, who died in the summer of 2009.

Director: Wim Wenders
Year: 2011
Time: 84 mins

(2011) on IMDb

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Share this film. Give others the opportunity to be inspired by the life and work of Pina Bausch.

Support your local dance company by attending performances regularly, perhaps with a group of friends.

Explore dance by taking a class at your local dance studio. Take a chance on looking foolish in order to explore your inner voice through movement.

Question and examine your own humanity, being truly honest with yourself about who you really are at your core. Then use this information to shape your life so that you live as a fully actualized person.

Find ways to support any of the arts in your local area, whether it’s dance, theatre, fine art, pop art, or even your local bands. Art deserves to be seen and experienced by a wide spectrum of people.

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Wim Wenders’ Dance Dimensions

“Pina and I had a common dream to make this film. When I finally made it without her, I felt she was looking over my shoulder the whole time. I had to ask myself questions because I couldn’t ask anyone else: Is this good enough? Is this what you were hoping for? Of course, I have to give the answers to myself… I think Pina would’ve liked it. Pina does like it.”

Read the full feature in Interview Magazine.

50 Choreographers of Contemporary Dance in Germany

In 50 short portraits, this collection from the Goethe Institute presents important representatives of contemporary dance in Germany.

Pina Bausch Foundation

Dedicated to preserving the legacy of the great dancer and choreographer, this is a treasure trove of materials- be sure not to miss her beautiful speech “What Moves Me.”


Listen to our playlist with music from the film on Spotify.

One Icon of German Modernism Pays Thrilling Tribute to Another

“Wim Wenders went crazy for her dance work. Attending a Bausch recital in Venice in the mid-’80s, he told Time, ‘I found myself sitting there and after five minutes, I started crying. I couldn’t really help it. I was weeping like a baby throughout the entire thing and I was caught by an emotion that I’d never experienced in front of any stage; any dance, theater, opera, whatever.'”

UbuWeb Dance

Ubu is an extraordinary online resource filled with the detritus and ephemera of great artists all of which was originally put out in tiny editions or through temporary performances and vanished quickly. However the web provides the perfect place to restage these works. Ubu proposes a different sort of revisionist art history, one based on the peripheries of artistic production.

Check out the videos on UbuWeb Dance curated by the Contemporary Dance Video Database here.

Jacob Pillows Dance Interactive

Jacob’s Pillow Dance is lauded worldwide as a “hub and mecca of dancing”, one of America’s most precious cultural assets” and “the dance center of the nation” and each year thousands of people from across the U.S. and around the globe visit the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts to experience the festival at The School at Jacob’s Pillow.

Check out this incredible free video resource curated by America’s longest running dance festival.

One Day Pina Asked…

“Both Chantal Akerman and Pina Bausch were considered revolutionary for overlaying larger conceptual frameworks onto autobiographical and/or shared quotidian female experience.”

If the film left you hungry for more, discover fellow revolutionary Chantel Akerman’s quiet, distinctive portrait of Bausch’s Wuppertal Dance Theater.

A History of Modern Dance

Learn about the birth of  this revolutionary art-form here.


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