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Bikes vs Cars

BIKES VS CARS investigates the daily global drama in traffic around the world, meeting with bike activists in Sao Paulo and Los Angeles who struggle to be granted space, and surveying cities like Copenhagen and Amsterdam, where cycling is an integral part of city life, all while contemplating the revolutionary changes possible if more cities moved away from car-centric models.

Director: Fredrik Gertten
Year: 2015
Time: 90 min

 Bikes vs Cars
(2015) on IMDb

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Share this film. Give others the chance to learn from its story. 

Find out more about the Bike Data Project App, that was launched alongside the film’s release. It  collects data on how often and how far cyclists in various cities cycle, in the hopes of affecting city planning and influencing politics. 

Reflect upon how you mobilize yourself. If you don’t already and you are able to, try hopping on a bicycle and seeing where and how quickly it takes you. Impossible with your lifestyle? Contemplate the reasons why.

Donate to the BIKES VS CARS movement We Are Many’s web campaign and help to help spread the message of cycling’s benefits.

Learn about People for Bikes, a charitable foundation for the promotion of cycling, and read their list of 5 WAYS TO BRING MORE BIKE LANES TO YOUR COMMUNITY.

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A Swedish Man’s Brilliant Solution For Biking In the Worst Weather

“(…) Mikael Kjellman, a mechanical engineer, was determined to bicycle year-round to his job in Ostersund, where winter temperatures rarely get above freezing. So Kjellman built the PodRide, which shields him from inclement weather with a windshield and canvas enclosure”

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Mayor Fernando Haddad’s Pro-Bike Push Polarizes São Paulo

“Ambitious plan to convert traffic-choked city of 12 million into bike-friendly zone gets high marks from many but leaves some drivers sputtering in rage”

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How Cyclists Are Causing Cities Worldwide To Rethink Bike Safety

Read the Huffington Post´s interview with filmmaker Fredrik Gertten.

Bring Your Own Doc

In this episode of Bring Your Own Doc host Ondi Timoner interviews filmmaker Fredrik Gertten.

Watch it on Youtube.


Our interview with Director Fredrik Gertten.

Can The World Handle This Many Wheels?

“The number of cars on the world’s roads surpassed one billion last year, according to a study that has spurred debate on what the rapidly-growing car population will mean for the world’s economy and environment.”

Continue reading here.

Cars vs Bikes vs Pedestrians

“The fight for the streets is, presumably, as old as the streets. From the moment the first horse and buggy hit the London pavement, hansom drivers and startled pedestrians likely had words. But why does this particular drama play out as it does? ”

Read the full article on the New Yorker.

In 1897, a Bicycle Superhighway Was the Future of California Transit

“In 1897, a wealthy American businessman named Horace Dobbins began construction on a private, for-profit bicycle superhighway that would stretch from Pasadena to downtown Los Angeles.”

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The Bike Data Project

“Our aim is to create impact by showing where and when people actually bicycle. More data means more influence over those in power to make cities more sustainable and bike-friendly.”

Find out more about the cause and how to donate here.

End of the Car Age: How Cities are Outgrowing the Automobile

“Cities around the world are coming to the same conclusion: they’d be better off with far fewer cars. So what’s behind this seismic shift in our urban lifestyles? Stephen Moss goes on an epic (car-free) journey to find out”

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