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On the Way: With Dan McEnroe

Moving from New York City to Stockholm was a bit of a shock for film maker Dan McEnroe, presenting unexpected challenges but also igniting a fresh spark into his work. The change has led him into new areas of film making, including documentary. His latest project, which is a bit top-secret at the moment, addresses questions that many cities are facing. Stay tuned for that to come to light, but in the meantime let’s see what Dan has to say about ramen, bands breaking up and musical theatre in our interview series On The Way. 

How do you get to work each day?

Depends on where I’m working and what I’m carrying. Usually the train, but walking and biking are not unheard of.

What project are you currently working on? 

I’m wrapping up a music video that I wrote, directed and edited. I also did all the visual effects. This project really needed a bigger budget. I’m also working on something that I can’t say a word about other than it’s documentary. Ssssshhhh ….

When do you feel most creative?

I’m not one of those people who carves out a chunk of each day for brain work; that’s just never worked out for me. Consequently, idea and solutions hit me at weird, random times – in the middle of a workout, right before bed, during a boring conference call, etc. They come to me almost exclusively when I am not thinking about them.

What is your favourite way to relax?

I’m such a cliché: I like to hang out with my kids.

Your current obsessions …


I love to cook and I’m currently trying to teach myself how to make proper, high-end ramen. Not the salty crap you get in the stores, but the good stuff with fresh veggies and decent cuts of meat. Once I’ve got that figured out I want to take a crack at African or Creole cooking. As far as drink it depends on the weather or what I’m eating. I don’t do hard liquor at all, so it’s wine or beer for me.


Every band I like breaks up so I choose them carefully. My favourite band of recent years it LCD Soundsystem (who broke up in 2011). I really like Franz Ferdinand’s last album so, yeah, they’re doomed. I’m so sorry.


My dream trips are (in no particular order): Italy, Spain and Japan.


I’m not a gadget person. I’m something of a techie but only because I have to be for work. I have an iPhone and I like it but I have absolutely no idea why people camp out for the damn things every time a new one gets released.

Reading or watching:

I usually alternate between sci-fi and ”proper” books. I just finished Kraken by China Mieville, and next up is Empire of the City by JG Ballard. I’m working my way through Breaking Bad and Arrested Development. I really enjoy an American show called Mind of a Chef, which is not so much about cooking but rather top chefs’ influences and inspirations. It’s beautifully produced by a company called Zero Point Zero. Every show they put out looks amazing.

As a teenager, you were completely into …

Would you believe musical theatre?  I was into music in general, but as a tenor with a three-octave range I was always able to snag a part in whatever the drama club was doing that year. Believe it or not, drama club was the best place in my school to meet girls – it was an all-boys school, but thankfully they cast girls from local all-girls schools in all the female parts.

In another life, you would be … 

Something academic. I like the idea of scouring through obscure texts and getting paid for it.

Dan McEnroe is a New York-born Stockholm-based filmmaker, producer and editor. When not spending time with family he works on a variety of film projects across Europe, including one that might come under the heading of The Project That Must Not Be Named.


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