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The Eagle Huntress

Set against the breathtaking expanse of the Mongolian steppe, THE EAGLE HUNTRESS follows 13-year-old Aisholpan, the first female in 12 generations of her Kazakh family training to become an eagle hunter.

Director: Otto Bell
Year: 2016
Time: 87 min

 The Eagle Huntress
(2016) on IMDb

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Ways to Influence

Share THE EAGLE HUNTRESS with those in your immediate community. In addition to be an inspiring and heartwarming tale, this is a story of self-belief and empowerment against the odds.

Support organizations that promote girls’ rights, such as Girls Inc. Not all girls are given as much support and encouragement by their families as Aisholpan. The fight for gender equality is a global battle.

Deepen your knowledge of Kazakh eagle hunting to learn more about this 4,000-year-old tradition still alive today. This website offers information on this and many other Mongolian-related facts and tips.

Protect golden eagles, which are endangered in many places around the globe. In England, RSPB. In the U.S., USFWS. Here is a petition to sign in Norway, to stop the killing of golden eagles. 

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How THE EAGLE HUNTRESS Took to the Air With Drone Photography

“We wanted to capture as much of the magic and beauty as we could,” Niblett says. “But access to that part of Mongolia was limited and we were limited in terms of [budget and] what we could bring. We took the basics but were keen not to leave anything out that would compromise the cinematography.”

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Q&A with Director Otto Bell

Watch the Q&A with The Eagle Huntress director Otto Bell, hosted by Telegraph journalist Craig McLean on Vimeo.

New Future for the Ancient Art of Golden Eagle Hunting

“Eagle hunting is an ancient art which has been in existence on the Central Asian Steppe, from Kyrgyzstan to Kazakhstan and Mongolia, for some 6,000 years. Societal and political changes have meant that this ancient practice is a dying tradition. But a new generation of Kazakhs, including girls for the first time, is determined to carry forward the ancient tradition of their forefathers.”

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Mongolia Country Profile

“In 1990, Mongolia abandoned its 70-year-old Soviet-style one-party system in favour of political and economic reforms and multiparty elections.”

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A Documentary Star is Born: The Girl Who Hunts with Eagles

“After graduation I might study in a different city, far away from my homeland and my eagle. So I might release my eagle in two years, and stop hunting with eagles. But I also plan to teach my younger sister eagle hunting.”

Read the interview with Aisholpan Nurgaiv on the New York Times.

There’s an Ancient Bond Between Mongolia’s Hunters and Golden Eagles

“Since the time of Kublai Kahn, the Kazakh people have allied with raptors to find sustenance in a barren, mountainous land.”

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