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The Crash Reel

U.S. champion snowboarder Kevin Pearce takes a near-fatal crash. THE CRASH REEL is the story of his recovery, which exposes the irresistible but potentially fatal appeal of extreme sports.

Director: Lucy Walker
Year: 2013
Time: 108 min

 The Crash Reel
(2013) on IMDb

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Share this film with the people in your life. Give them the chance to be moved by the story. 

Contribute to the Kevin Pearce Fund.

Donate to the Athlete Recovery Fund, which provides financial resources to professional athletes in BMX, FMX, and Skateboarding after a severe injury for rehabilitation, equipment, long-term disability, and educational scholarships. 

Learn more about traumatic brain injury and how to protect yourself and those you love at the Love Your Brain Campaign.

Join the Brain Injury Recovery Network.

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Lucy Walker Will Change the Face of Winter Sports

Outside Magazine discusses the tremendous impact that Lucy Walker’s film continues to have on winter sports.

“‘It’s like we were breaking a story,’ says Walker. ‘There were a lot of things that we realized nobody had talked about before.’ “


A set of documentaries directed by female filmmakers.

Kevin Pearce is an inspirational survivor, sports commentator, motivational speaker and advocate for brain injury and Down syndrome.

Check out Kevin’s official website.


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Our interview with Pia Pearce, Mother from The Crash Reel.

Love Your Brain

LoveYourBrain is the outreach campaign born from THE CRASH REEL and Kevin Pearce.

A Journey into Severe Traumatic Brain Injury

From Neuro.RAPT comes this exclusive, four-part docu-byte series on Severe Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) for both veteran and civilian populations.

Kevin Pearce 3.5 Years After His Accident

Read the interview at National Geographic.

Lucy Walker: 8 Things I Learned From Making THE CRASH REEL

“I learned that it’s possible for me… to make a movie that is simultaneously a snowboarding movie, an anti-snowboarding movie, and a movie that is not about snowboarding at all, but about passion and how to live and how to dig deep and accept disability and embrace change and be a family and be an athlete and be an inspiration.”

Read Lucy’s 8 things at GOOD.


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What To Do

Even pro athletes who routinely suffer major concussions don’t know what to do when they hit their head. So Lucy Walker was inspired to create this infographic.

Director’s Statement

Interested in learning how director Lucy Walker first met Kevin Pearce and why she decided to film his story?

Find out here.


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